The Deep Trauma Freedom Method

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The Deep Trauma Freedom (DTF) method is a unique therapy that has been created to help people who are suffering the ill-effects of past trauma in their lives presently.

After several years of working with clients suffering with addictions, various mental and emotional health issues and even behavioural issues, it became clear that trauma somewhere in their past had played a clear role in each clients current situation.

As I helped people to get free from addictions, it was clear there was more work to be done or many of them would return to the same or similar patterns of behaviour.

The DTF Method has been developed over three years through application with clients, reading through a multitude of studies and research to show which methods and ways of working are most effective for those who have been traumatised during their lives.

One of the key features of the DTF Method that it is none trigering and gentle, yet incredibly powerful for helping people to get free of the internal prison that their trauma has created for them.

Using a combination of a Deep Trance State (DTS), clean language conversational techniques, Peripheral Nervous System Regulation and Trauma Release techniques - this unique approach has it's roots in several popular and powerful approaches currently used in trauam therapies and a few unique techniques only seen within the DTF Method.

This is suitable for anyone currently trained, qualifies and practicing hypnotherapy and other alternative/complimentary therapy methods. It may also be suitable for anyone who is has a deep desire to help others, even if they have no prior therapueitc training.

The programme is 12 weeks long and we have a new cohort beginning on a monthly basis. These tend to fill up quickly and in advance so do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

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