Basics of Hypnosis Webinar

Would you like to see how simple it is to make hypnosis work? Even when teaching over Zoom we are able to help our students learn hypnosis quickly and easily. This 58 minute webinar will teach anyone how to do hypnosis quickly and easily.

We begin with Roz taking us through a lovely guided hypnosis session to relieve stress and release any unhelpful thoughts or feelings that have been holding us back. This is perfect to get us in the right mindset for learning. From there Glen takes us through the basics of hypnotic induction, giving suggestions and hypnotic release. This will give you the skills to be able to guide someone into the hypnotic state and back out again. Roz also shows us how to use a very nice hypnotic "deepener" technique and demonstrates this so you can once again sit back, relax and enjoy.

If you'd like to learn more, schedule a call with one of our team to find out how you can become a fully qualified hypnotherapist!